We are a team full of enthusiasm, ambition and dreams.
Engineered for safety, efficiency and durability, we link together
to make the next generation of chargers for modern laptops and mobile devices.

OUR mission

With the continuous update and development of electronic devices, its battery capacity is also increasing. However, one lingering problem has been Charging Time. High-power fast charging has become the norm for electronic devices.

Welink Tech is an innovative leader in fast charging technology, dedicated to manufacturing the safest, smallest and highest quality fast charger in the world. We have successfully developed and produced multiple world-class GaN chargers, like 100W GaN Charger and 130W GaN Charger.

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Our story

Established in 2008 and located in Guangdong China, Shenzhen Welink Tech Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo producing and exporting charger for more than 12 years.

Just like you, We’ve spent a hard time with long charging time, big size, hot, spotty charger problems. With little choice for a better charger provider, we thought to ourselves, “there has to be a better way.”

Therefore, We WELINK is creating the next generation of chargers for modern laptops and mobile devices. A team that delivers consistently fast charging speed, Small size, Less heat when charging and provides great customer service. With the latest technology, we are dedicated to making products that help realize the true potential of technology in making our life simpler and more efficient.

Our company

Professinoal R&D Team

Welink R&D team has 30 engineers with degree for chargers development and customization. Up to now, we have obtained 30+ utility model patents, 10+ software copyrights, and 10+ appearance design patents.

Excellent Equipment and Advanced Technology

Various functional tests on Charger can be performed in Welink independent laboratory, including temperature test, pulse electrostatic test, noise test, grounding resistance test, constant temperature test, aging test, etc.

Production Display

11 production lines, 50,000-60,000 pieces of charger for monthly production. Our Factory has been certificated to ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. 

Perfect Quality Testing System

30+ quality inspectors responsible for IQC, LQC, 100% finished products aging test as well as random inspection.
In addition, our products have been certified to CCC, CECP (China), GS (German), PSE (Japan), KC (Korea), ETL,FCC, DOE (USA), SAA (Australia), CE, ROHS, REACH (European) and so on.

Package and Delivery

5000 square meters warehouse, excellent sea packaging and on time delivery ensure your business.

Why Choose Welink

We want to create a lasting relationship with you, through fantastic support, friendly customer service and innovative products. We hope to inspire the industry and also inspire you in your work and home life.

Customer Service

We provide excellent english, patient communication, professional knowledge and quick reply for customer.

OEM/ODM Service

30 engineers with degree are ready for different kinds of OEM/ODM service.

Quality Control

More than 30 quality inspectors are responsible for IQC, LQC, 100% finished products aging test as well as random inspection.


Various functional tests can be performed in Welink laboratory. We can provide actual safety testing and certification.

On-time Delivery

500,000-600,000 pieces for monthly production and 5000 square meters warehouse ensure your business.


Welink Tech – 12-year Manufacturing Experience for OEM/ODM Charger.
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